Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall, Autumn, L'Atomne...

I have a favourite season. That would be autumn. I enjoy autumn for it’s comfortable days, and cool nights. Not only does it cause people to be very relaxed and in the mood for great conversation and carousing, but it also lends to some great stylistic layering opportunities.

Layering in clothing is important because it’s functional. Fashion and function really do go hand in hand. I’m pretty sure Lady GaGa owns a Parka, because who the hell is gonna go out at night in November in New York City wearing only a Leotard, Fishnet Stockings and Stilettos…even hookers wear Trench Coats.

Layering in the fall helps your body adjust to the temperature change. Take a sweater just incase it gets too cold, or lose the scarf if you get too hot. You don’t have to suffer the elements for the sake of “Looking Good” I would rather look like I’m bundled up for a storm, than have my bare arms wind burnt because my T-Shirt is too nice to be hidden underneath a sweater. Vanity and Style are NOT related.

Layering fabrics is a great way to create different outfits out of a small number of items.
Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you have to pack away the V-neck t-shirts. (Not that anyone one actually does that. However, if it has bedazzled dragons on it, it should be soaked in bleach, and then tossed in an incinerator) So, put a Cardigan over that V-Neck ( I repeat, no bedazzled dragons!!! ) and grab a nice Tweed Sports coat from a second hand shop. If you still feel exposed to the elements due to your plunging neckline, just grab a light scarf. Preferably in a dark solid colour such a charcoal, navy or black. Add Slacks, or Denim and some classic work boots and your fit is complete.

Now, take the Denim again, lose the cardigan and V-Neck, swap in a Slim Grey button-down shirt, and the outfit has a new life. And you only sacrificed two pieces. Try losing the jacket for the cardigan with the button down, and you have another take on the fit.

How about we lose the Cardigan and scarf, keep the button-down shirt, keep the denim (denim is very adaptable) and grab a Crew Neck Sweatshirt, and a Down Vest. Now, you have a fit that is more casual than the sport-coat/cardigan look, but you really only swapped one of them out for the sweatshirt. Anyone else having as much fun as I am?

So while some of you may be mourning the loss of you tank tops, board shorts and flips flops, I’m excited for hoodies, work boots, scarves and denim. I’ll be ready for the weather and I won’t have to feel as though I’m losing style points for staying attuned to the season.

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