Sunday, October 25, 2009

Style Inspiration Series 3

Just drove through La Belle Province and part of New Brunswick and back into, now I got my feet up and my laptop open. I need a distraction from some bullshit, (not work related) so, I'm down to blog about .......

I'm a Sean Connery fan, but Daniel Craig is a close second ( And since he is the modern Bond, he is the new style inspiration). George Lazenby did a great job in his only appearance, Pierce Brosnan was fantastic (save for "Die Another Day"), Roger Moore had a great run, and as for Timothy Dalton, well at least "Licence To Kill" was pretty bad ass....

So, why James Bond in a Style Inspiration post? Aside from Gadgets, Bad Ass Weapons and Dope Whips, Bond is outfitted by MI6 to look like a British Business Man (Universal Exports anyone?), of high standing. The character of James Bond had swagger before Soulja Boy learned how to turn his on... James Bond has OG Style status.

Bond (or Bonds, if you wanna get technical) have always been styled as men who know about the finer things in life, but can still keep their priorities straight. For example, if they were chasing some bad guy on a roof top and took a bullet to the arm, the fact that their Brioni Tux just got a gaping hole ripped in it with blood stains to boot, would not deter them from their mission. Instead, they would focus on the fact that their Walther PP7 has only two bullets left and they need to make their next shot count. Also, he would never dream of leaving his cuff links behind in the hotel suite of some bird he just cut it up with. He's carefree, but not reckless. Polished, but not spoiled. Well dressed, but not overly styled. The perfect blend of confidence, style and attitude.

For me, the most important thing about James Bond's style is that he is always dressed for the occasion, and no occasion is ever deemed "casual". This is probably what I try and take from Mr.Bond the most. Because I never know when I'll be out at a casino, playing black jack against an international arms dealer, of whom I trying to get more information about after sleeping with his disgruntled mistress in an attempt to gain access to his private chalet/evil lair, so that I can download his client list in order to make an arrest in the name of Her majesty's Secret Service. Let me have my dreams...

Read this article if you want a complete breakdown of Bond Style in terms of clothing. (in a way more organized way than this post)

I'll just leave you with some inspiring images...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Style Inspiration Series 2

Two posts in a day? Yea, well...there ain't much to do yet.

Today I visited the venue for 30 mins had lunch and then drove out to Schenectady, New York (I had to pick up some people).

So, I'm back in the room, (Half) watching Cash Cab so I figured, "why not put up a next post?".

My last post (i.e first ) on the subject of style inspiration I dealt with the Rat Pack / Clooney Crew Ocean's 11 look.
This one, I'll focus on a celebrity who I've been taking subtle (or maybe not so subtle) cues from for
almost 10 years.

Ladies & Gentlemen!

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell is my everyday style inspiration, pretty much.

I can't front. I don't model myself after him, literally, but I'd be lying if I said I dress nothing like him. The Pharrell outfit posted above, is pretty much my preferred day to day
look if I'm not working. Like a day off, going to see a movie, going out for drinks or a casual lunch.
Now, this is not hard for anyone to achieve, as most guys I know own New-Eras, Jeans, Sneakers and t-shirts. I've seen
so many trends for men come and go since I hit puberty, that it is easy to look like a tool by following them all blindly.
(Why are guys still wearing Puma racing Boots, Flared Denim & Ed Hardy?, seriously, why?)
Pharrell never followed the trends, instead, he heavily influenced many of them.

Pharrell has always been at the forefront by just being himself.
Just comfortable, understated confident style.

So, by modelling myself off of this guy, I guess I'm just a big poseur, right?

Well, in my own defence, I grew up in a West Indian house hold, had a group of friends whose racial diversity could rival the
United Nations, and had personal interests ranging from d.j to contemporary dance and basketball to skateboarding (& in-line skating...
yes, I was a fruit-booter. However, I learnt how to ollie & kick-flip, before I ever took up in-line.)
So, as I was maturing and building my own personal style, I felt like I could not decide on whether I was supposed to
dress like a rapper, a choreographer (read: Artist) or a skater.
Seeing Pharrell bring his diverse background into his public persona, gave me the confidence to do so as well.
He is always dressed for the occasion, understands fashion and style and has great taste. Not a bad person to take fashion
cues from at all.
Plus, I know I wasn't the only one paying attention.
However, more often than not, I try not to copy Home Boy.
Some things are best left up to celebrities.


I'll leave you with some more Pharrell...


When I see you...

My Style Inspiration Series


Been away for a long time. I'm out on the road, and figured this would be a great way to pass idle time in the hotel room(s) for the next little while...

I love fashion. Not in the detailed, educated critical way that someone who studied at Parsons or who attends any city's fashion week does, but in a very dedicated and curious way. I enjoy a well put together outfit on a lady and can tell when someone is a hot mess. And, I enjoy staying on-top of what's going on for each season, and how the basics can be applied from season to season.

All this being said, while I do take cues from people in the fashion industry and certain celebrities, I am not about just lifting entire looks from people or trends, but taking inspiration from the fashion world and applying these cues to myself without looking out of sorts.

So...over the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting about these people, movements, brands etc.

Enjoy (or don't)

1. Ocean's 11 (The Rat Pack & Clooney's boys)

Gambling & Grifting in Vegas. Grown men dressing like grown men. No lazy t-shirts, or cargo shorts. No sport wrap sunglasses or New-Era fullbacks. (Although, there is nothing wrong with New-Eras, seeing as I have about 10 different ones in full rotation, however, no DC caps.)

These movies make me want to wear a suit every day. Or at least a tailored sport coat and shirt. The reason why these two crews took Vegas by storm was their confidence. (pun intended) In a suit, you can get away with anything.

Now, I only own one suit, but whenever I wear it, I feel like I've got a Black card in my wallet and my Maseratti is parked out back.
If I could afford to and I had a job that called for it, I'd rock a suit everyday. Probably some suits like this YSL one or this Valentino joint.

Awww yea! And I guess I'd need a top coat for winter, shoes, sunglasses & accessories.

That was a huge digression...but, I think you get the idea.


Monday, October 5, 2009


Last week was a very busy but successful work week...and now I'm back in my blog-o-sphere...

A few links to get my feet wet again...

10Deep! Fall 2009 Delivery Pt 2...always on point...check the Lookbook here.

Malin Akerman went to Dante!? damn...I shoulda dipped over there more often in High School.
Shouts to Esquire

Supra Holiday Release: Antwuan Dixon's Clean Pro-Model in a new Colour Way Via Hypebeast


When I see you...


Friday, October 2, 2009

Esquire Big Black Book Fall 2009

It's on Newstands now

Go cop that, and get your game up this fall...