Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Go See Some Dance...

I've been busy working....


If you're in Montreal there are a couple dance shows happening this weekend...

Check them out...

Danse Bussonnieres at Tangente

and RubberbanDance Group's Post Hip-Hop Project.

Check the Gazette article on the PHHP here.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekend Linkage

It's Saturday morning. What do you do on Saturday morning?

Does it depend on what happened Friday Night?

I either wake up with a head ache and crawl out of bed or I get up and go to work.

Today, it's the former but I'll also post some links I found on the interweb this past week.

That's what we do here at "Who Does He Think He Is?"...Weekend Linkage


Marcus Troy shows The Narcicyst love...make the jump for details and a contest!
The men of OVO (October's Very Own) posted some of Drakes latest videos this week...up to 9 this year, I think.
The Phoenix Sunglasses finally dropped at The Hundreds...I hope Off The Hook stocks these...
Speaking of hopeful stock hitting Off The Hook soon, Clae 2nd delivery.
Nike SB revealed the Omar Salazar Pro Model for Spring 2010
(shouts out to HighSnobiety)
A beautiful woman walking via The Sartorialist
Another big week at the Berrics...Dante Ross, Reda & Jaime Thomas..and who could forget the Billy Marks Battle Commander...
Try this instead.

'til we meet again!

Friday, September 25, 2009

3Sixteen Fall 09

Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall....

Probably my favourite season, fashion wise. I can cover up the beer belly I built up during the summer, dress in layers, or put on a hoodie and not sweat my brains out...sweet.

3Sixteen dropped their Fall lookbook back in August, like most brands, but seeing as how this blog started three days ago, why not give one of my favourite brands love.

These guys first got on my radar back in 2006 with the "Cousins" T-Shirt. The evolution of this brand over the past couple of seasons has been great to watch. At my age, I can't keep "dressing like a rapper" as others have told me I often do and the pieces 3Sixteen have this fall could help step my (your) grown man game up.

Pea Coats, Duffle Coats, Cardigans, Oxfords, Denim, Tweed etc...dope, dope, dope, dope, dope and dopeity doped dope!

Check it out under collections Fall 09 @ 3Sixteen

Shouts to Individual Sole for the Archive pull

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Penfield @ NORML

Yesterday I wanted post some of Penfield's Fall 2009 collection, but couldn't figure out how to. Luckily, the internet is all about information and Tiger Distribution posted about the Penfield Pop-Up shop at NORML, in Ottawa.

Penfield knows how to do classic North American Outerwear. Some dope pieces here, especially the vests, like the Stapleton Tweed and the Outback Melton or Plaid. ( The plaid reminds me of a simlar piece from Fall 2008 by The Hundreds )

Check it out, and if you live in the Capital City, hit up NORML and get fresh.

If your in MTL, I know the crew at Off The Hook got some in for this season.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DQM Fall 2009

New York in the fall...

The DQM (Dave's Quality Meats) Fall 2009 Lookbook is up on the re-vamped site.

Crazy Dave & the homies bring out flannels, snap backs & t-shirts for fall.

Intro & Fall 2009 Favourites


The inaugural post...
Fall is upon us...even though it kept interrupting the summer time.

So get out your hoodies, vests, cardigans, longsleeve henleys & oxfords,Flannel (Two seasons longer than i originally thought) denim, khakis, leathers and anything tweed.

Shoooot...grab a toque for the evenings.

Earth tones and greys
Layers ya'll...layers

Some brands are trying to hook you up proper for fall...



Source : Ransom

Robert Geller X Levis

Source: Hypebeast

Just to name...two

Get out there and hit up your local hook-up...

I'm a head out to Off The Hook.

We're gonna keep chasing looks and checking out whatever else draws our eye.

More to come!