Friday, September 25, 2009

3Sixteen Fall 09

Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall....

Probably my favourite season, fashion wise. I can cover up the beer belly I built up during the summer, dress in layers, or put on a hoodie and not sweat my brains out...sweet.

3Sixteen dropped their Fall lookbook back in August, like most brands, but seeing as how this blog started three days ago, why not give one of my favourite brands love.

These guys first got on my radar back in 2006 with the "Cousins" T-Shirt. The evolution of this brand over the past couple of seasons has been great to watch. At my age, I can't keep "dressing like a rapper" as others have told me I often do and the pieces 3Sixteen have this fall could help step my (your) grown man game up.

Pea Coats, Duffle Coats, Cardigans, Oxfords, Denim, Tweed etc...dope, dope, dope, dope, dope and dopeity doped dope!

Check it out under collections Fall 09 @ 3Sixteen

Shouts to Individual Sole for the Archive pull

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