Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Intro & Fall 2009 Favourites


The inaugural post...
Fall is upon us...even though it kept interrupting the summer time.

So get out your hoodies, vests, cardigans, longsleeve henleys & oxfords,Flannel (Two seasons longer than i originally thought) denim, khakis, leathers and anything tweed.

Shoooot...grab a toque for the evenings.

Earth tones and greys
Layers ya'll...layers

Some brands are trying to hook you up proper for fall...



Source : Ransom

Robert Geller X Levis

Source: Hypebeast

Just to name...two

Get out there and hit up your local hook-up...

I'm a head out to Off The Hook.

We're gonna keep chasing looks and checking out whatever else draws our eye.

More to come!

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