Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekend Linkage

It's Saturday morning. What do you do on Saturday morning?

Does it depend on what happened Friday Night?

I either wake up with a head ache and crawl out of bed or I get up and go to work.

Today, it's the former but I'll also post some links I found on the interweb this past week.

That's what we do here at "Who Does He Think He Is?"...Weekend Linkage


Marcus Troy shows The Narcicyst love...make the jump for details and a contest!
The men of OVO (October's Very Own) posted some of Drakes latest videos this week...up to 9 this year, I think.
The Phoenix Sunglasses finally dropped at The Hundreds...I hope Off The Hook stocks these...
Speaking of hopeful stock hitting Off The Hook soon, Clae 2nd delivery.
Nike SB revealed the Omar Salazar Pro Model for Spring 2010
(shouts out to HighSnobiety)
A beautiful woman walking via The Sartorialist
Another big week at the Berrics...Dante Ross, Reda & Jaime Thomas..and who could forget the Billy Marks Battle Commander...
Try this instead.

'til we meet again!

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