Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beard Inspirations...

It's late fall, we're gearing up for winter and my winter beard has been in full effect for two weeks. I'm talking about a Vincent Chase without a movie deal kind of beard, a Gil Grissom CSI beard, a Sam Roberts "Where Have All The Good People Gone" beard...get the picture?

I enjoy the winter beard, often find myself scratching it as a way to pass the time, wondering to myself if I look like a vagrant...but, still I keep it. Helps me to feel more of my age, or at least more so like a man who can actually grow a beard. I don't have to shave for an office job, so as long as I keep the beard clean and even, it's not an issue. Plus, the feeling I get when the sucker comes off in the spring (or whenever I get tired of it) is amazing. It's not terribly difficult to part with so who knows how long I'll keep this one around. I have been known to start a winter beard in the summer, when I'm working a 20 day contract that only allows time to eat, drink and sleep outside of work, but the actual winter beard is something to behold.

A big beard can either make you look like you are down and out or enjoying a laid back lifestyle. I like to think that my own beard is the latter and not the former.

So...this post is dedicated to those beards which give me the courage to wear one in order to keep my baby face shielded from the elements but more imporatantly, allows me to be a lazy m*&$%erF%#*er for about 6 months...

The Boss (pretty much what I'm aiming for this winter)



George Clooney in "Syriana" (a down and out beard)

Zach Galifianakis


When I see you...


  1. It's also know the month during which men grow a mustache to raise funds for prostate cancer. In my neck of the woods, the boys are looking pretty douchy! I'll post some pics towards the end of the month. Tim, I think you should do it!

  2. wow those beard are AMAZING!!!